Metal Alloys Design (MADe) Lab.

Our work in the 'MADe' lab. has been mainly focused on the design, development and analysis of multi-component metal alloys such as lightweight alloys (Mg/Al/Ti alloys), bulk-amorphous and high-entropy alloys with high specific strength, and steels with enhanced toughness, all of which are needed for structural and/or biomedical applications. Our research activities are mostly supplemented with modeling and simulations to more clearly understand atomistic mechanisms governing relationships among microstructure, property, and performance for our novel alloys under development.

Research Keywords

Metals and alloys, Materials properties (mechanical/physical/electrochemical/functional properties), Biomedical implants, Metals corrosion

Research Interests
Alloy design, Processing technology, Multi-scale materials analysis, Metal-based biomaterials

Ongoing Research Topics (selected)
1. Development of fine-grained & high-strength Mg alloys via isothermal indirect extrusion
2. Study on the microstructure and corrosion behavior of novel corrosion-resistant Mg alloys
3. Multi-scale analysis of oxide layers of ignition-proof Mg alloys
4. Atomic-scale TEM analysis of high-strength steels with enhanced toughness